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Wing Ding 36 (Madison, WI) Wing Ding is the annual rally for the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and took place this year (2014) in Madison, WI.
Madison, the capitol of WI is a charming town, being a college town there are lots of ‘hip’ things to do and some great local restaurants. It was a short ride to the Alliant Energy Center where the rally took place. Below you’ll find some links to various photos and videos (be sure to enter full screen mode on the player) of the event. Depending on your Internet connection the videos may take some time to play, please be patient.
Take a look at some motorcycles out in the parking lot. Okay, some photos of scenery and no motorcycles. The Motorcycle Light Parade. One of the events was drill team riding exhibitions. Three teams competed, my favorite was drill team 3. 1. Drill Team #1, they just met a few days before and had only a short time to practice before the competition. (9.26 minutes) 2. Drill Team #2 is from North Carolina and have been riding together for some time and include a sidecar in the team. (5.45 minutes) 3. Drill Team #3, my favorite, are from British Columbia, Canada and it’s obvious that they are very adept at what they do. (9.45 minutes)
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My favorite photo from Madison